TART - Taste of Art

TART  -  Taste of Art

We strive to make art accessible to everyone and firmly believe that art has the power to heal.


Our name, Taste of Art, reflects our mission: we want everyone to experience art, believing that once you taste it, you won't stop.

Our group represents local artists living in Queenstown. Many of us have experienced the challenge of arriving in a new city and finding solace in art. The idea to unite emerged when we recognized the abundance of talent in this city and yearned to create platforms for creative expression.

Thus, we formed a collective, believing in the strength of unity. Most of us are immigrants: we speak different languages, embrace diverse cultures, yet share a common love for art. We strive to share its transformative power with everyone.

We organize workshops and events to introduce people to art.


Symphony of Lonliness

Symphony of Lonliness was the result of the great and united effort of our team and the support of many others who believed in our vision. This journey has been an incredible experience, and we want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved.

Watch here. 
We hope you enjoy watching it!

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