Life With David - Margaret O'Hanlon - Tiny Room Concert

I first met David on a bus going to the village in New York City.  There was a woman sitting across from me and she had an album cover of his first US album; "Space Oddity" - this orange haired man wearing make-up and looking angst stared back at me and I realised he had two different coloured eyes. I have unmatched eyes too.  This intrigued me.  I decided not to get off at my stop, and instead follow David downtown to a record store where I really got to know him well.  It was getting late and a very intimate bond had been formed.  My life was never the same again.

Through the years he's come and gone and experienced some of my monumental changes and occasions.  He's followed me down to this rich country (NZ) of electric blue skies and lakes, he's watched me rise and fall and introduced me to All The Young Dudes.

It is my long awaited pleasure to be able to share with you our very unique relationship which continues, even after his abrupt and unexpected death. 

I am sharing this experience with the best and the brightest;  Mark Wilson, Matt Wilson, Pol Nicholson, Martin Rylev Eby Sebastian and Alex Pyle. 

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Event dates & times

Thu, 10 Oct

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The Blue Door
18 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown

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Adult - $25
Plus ticketing fees from Humanitix

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